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Episode Two: The Poitín Republic

Episode Two - The Poitín Republic & other tales.

Recorded on 3rd September 2009 at Dan’s Cottage.

Broadcast on 20th September 2009, 6pm on ICR.

In 1811, the parish of Urris was ordered to pay a heavy fine for making poitín. In consequence some of the men in 1812 equipped themselves with recovered cannons taken from the wreck of the Saldanha and ambushed a British force in Mamore Gap. Urris remained “independent” until 1815 when it was recovered “over one hundred shots being fired”.

With the backdrop of the Urris hills sweeping to the Atlantic, the land where Roger Casement first learnt Irish is an extraordinary place. From St. Eigne’s well to the Chair of Leisure in Ballyliffin, there’s plenty of stories to tell about the area.

The recording of programme two took place on    the 3rd September at Dan’s cottage and everyone agreed it was sensational. The theme that night was...poitín. Various contributors told us everything about the history and culture of poitin - from the process of making a good batch - including a seventh century recipe - to how the police knew how to spot a still and how a certain man was caught making the tipple in Libya for Paddy’s Day.


A very enjoyable break for tea, sandwiches and cake was provided by Anne McLaughlin and the fear an tí, Brendan Kearney.  The hungry crowd lapped it and were in buoyant form. What followed was a musical tour de force from the young musicians who had joined in: Ciaran Doherty, Sean McDaid, Shauna Devlin, Niall Devlin and Shane Devlin mesmerized the audience with their stellar jamming skills. Director Seoirse O’Dochartaigh also joined in when a guitar was thrown his way!

More tales followed including some great jokes, some cracking recitals and a further tale or two. Catch the full show with these two Audioboo pieces - you won’t regret it.

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